Another news update! There's a few things to cover in this post (as I haven't been updating as regularly as I should!) so this may well get a little long.

Fouxhound Pups - Our pups born in September are up for sale and are in the process of being advertised. LF Theseus received a rush of applications in for him, which I'm quite surprised about, so an owner has already been picked for him. He'll be sent out soon. Our two girls, LF Titania and LF Cobweb are still for sale, and we'll be taking applications for them until October 1st.

(NOTE TO NEW OWNERS: As the SKC doesn't seem to be accepting breed registry applications or dog registrations at present, our September litter will not be registered with the SKC when the leave us. They will, however, be listed under our "Registered Dogs", and as soon as the registry is sorted out the pups' information will be sent out straight away for approval by the SKC. If this is a problem, LET US KNOW. We will make sure all pups will be registered as soon as possible for you.)

Irish Sport Horses - We have a few new additions to our original Irish Sport Horse team; LF Jupiter, LF It's A Delight, and LF Greyjoy (our latest foal). As with our other ISH, we are waiting for the Paragon Farms registry to open again so we can get them registered.

Site Update - Our site is still very much a work in progress, and there are several glitches and errors lying around the place. If you see anything out of place, or find a typo, or even have some suggestions for improving the site please let us know. We may be changing our design (again) in the upcoming weeks, too, so let us know what you think if we do have another overhaul! We're currently working on getting all the images ready for our dogs and horses, but hopefully that should also be done over the next few weeks too. 

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