We recently bought WPE Tiger Lily, an ISH mare, off of Whitestone. We are very excited to welcome her to our horse team and get her settled in! Hopefully she will enjoy her time at Linden, and birth some lovely foals for us. Here page can be found here (currently still a WIP).

Foxhound Pups - Our first litter of foxhound pups has now been sold, and all three are in happy, loving homes. If enough interest is shown, we may well have another litter in the next few upcoming months, too. If anyone is interested, by all means feel free to leave us a comment in the site cbox or email us.
LF Theseus is now at Crimson Reed Kennel [link] and LF Titania and Cobweb are now living at Briar Ridge Stables [link] together.

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